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Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells • Upholstery Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Best Carpet Cleaners provides the highest quality professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning services to commercial and domestic properties throughout Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

One of the most expensive investments you will make in your home or business premises is carpets and soft furnishings. Considering the cost to replace these items, and the health benefits of minimising harmful bugs, dust mites and bacteria, regular cleaning of carpets and upholstery is not only the most economical way of maintaining the furnishings within your home or business in Tunbridge Wells; it is also beneficial to the health of your family, pets and customers so finding cleaning companies you can rely on is very important.

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Comprehensive range of carpet cleaning services

Accumulated dirt and soiling is the largest contributing factor to reduced carpet and fabric life in your home and business. Much like the clothes you wear, carpets and upholstery require periodic cleaning in order to keep them not only hygienic but in the best condition they could be.

Our customers at Best Carpet Cleaners are often surprised that the visible dirt they are seeing on their carpets and furnishings is only the smallest fraction of what is beneath the surface.

As much as 85% of the dirt within your carpets and upholstery is buried deep within the pile and considering a carpet can hold up to its own weight in dirt and grime over its lifetime – the benefits of keeping them clean is considerable!

Benefits of Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Even the most stubborn of stains and spillages can be removed with no trace. Commonly, shop-bought stain removers contain bleach and other bleaching agents that only serve the purpose of bleaching out the colour of the stain along with your carpet but do not remove the underlying dirt. Always save the damage and call one of our professionals to recover the situation. Once bleach has been used on a fabric it is likely to be lost for good.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove up to 99.9% of all bacteria, dirt and grime. Leaving your environment safe and minimising the impact of man-made and environmental allergens on your family, pets and customers.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can bring even the dreariest of furnishings back to life. Oftentimes the superior steam cleaning provided by our machines and expertly trained staff leaves our customers with carpets and furnishing looking as clean they did once they were brand new.

Persistent and unsavory odors will be eliminated as a result of a professional carpet clean and stain protection. Our expert cleaners can also provide specialist treatments to deal with odors caused by pet soiling and other causes of foul smells.

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Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

At Best Carpet Cleaners, a local professional cleaning company we know the value of maintaining a professional and well looked after appearance. As they say first impressions count and one of the first things your clients and customers see when they walk into your premises is your carpets.

Are your office carpets looking tired and stained? Daily dirt tracked in from outside and regularly spilt teas and coffees can often leave office carpets looking worn, dirty and unappealing. For most businesses the considerable cost of regularly replacing carpets is not cost effective despite the fact that a shabby appearance may be quietly costing you customers.

Using the industries most respected high specification cleaning machines and cleaning process, we are able to rid your rugs, soft furnishings and carpets of stains and dirt, restoring their brightness, colour and appearance whilst at the same time ensuring they hygienically clean and free from allergen causing mites and bugs with our cleaning system.

This has the added potential of reducing illnesses within the workforce which can be exasperated by allergens caught in dirty carpets.

We understand the importance of carrying out your professional carpet clean during hours that will cause the least disruption to your business. Therefore, we offer out of hours and weekend carpet cleaning to all commercial clients in Tunbridge Wells. Our powerful machines also ensure that carpets are dry within 3-4 hours meaning you can get back to business with the little to no delay.

We use a hot water and stream extraction method, proven to be the most effective method proven by our superior results. Just check out our gallery to see for yourself.


Although it is commonly recommended that your commercial carpets should be deep cleaned a minimum of once a year, we recommend a minimum of 6-monthly cleaning due to the extremely high traffic and usage in commercially used buildings. This could even increase in the case of premises such as nurseries and schools where the hygiene of the environment could hugely impact the users of your building.

For more information and a no-obligation quote from our professional family run business, call us today or use the online booking form to request a call back from a trusted team member.

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Fantastic service from best carpet cleaners,had four rooms done by this guys amazing job they done.Great prices and great customer service,would highly recommend this company to anyone,will definitely be using them again!
- 25th Feb, 2018
Best Carpet Cleaning TW is rated 5/5 based on 6 customer reviews for carpet cleaning in Tunbridge Wells

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

At Best Carpet Cleaners Tunbridge Wells, our aim is to make your home furnishings and carpets as clean and fresh as the day they were laid.

Alongside professional hot water and steam extraction carpet cleaning, we also offer RUG CLEANING, CURTAIN, UPHOLSTERY and MATTRESS cleaning. Using advanced treatments and powerful machines; Best Carpet Cleaners can ensure all of your domestic cleaning requirments are met thanks to our advanced cleaning process that allows you to maintain a clean and healthy home.

For more information or a free no obligation quote for professional carpet cleaning in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas we cover please contact us today.

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